Advantages of a Virtual Office

Virtual Office & Mailbox Advantages

A virtual office can resolve a lot of issues that your business faces, especially if you work from home. It offers many benefits if you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, a sole proprietor, or if you run an LLC.

A virtual office is similar to a traditional PO Box, but it differs significantly as it leverages technology and digital scanning and offers a host of accessory services that businesses can use to their advantage.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office allows you to work or live anywhere and establish a business presence in the city where you establish your virtual office.

After you select your address and sign up for a virtual office service, all mail sent to that address will be scanned and made available online. As a virtual office user, you have the ability to choose what happens to your mail, including shredding it or forwarding it to a different address for pick up.

This service allows for uninterrupted mail receiving, regardless of where you, the owner of the mailbox, reside.

Benefits of a Virtual Office

For any business owner operating a home-based company, a virtual office may be the perfect solution for receiving and organizing mail.

Here are the main benefits of having a virtual office for your business.

Added Credibility and Legitimacy

For many startups and small businesses, they tend to choose to use the owner’s home address. But this is not necessarily a good idea.  With a virtual office, you get a permanent address, no matter where your office is located. This lends more legitimacy to your business.

You will be perceived as a truly authentic business when you advertise a commercial address.

More Professional Image

If you do operate your business from home, you don’t want to use your home office for correspondence with customers and clients. They may think that this is not necessarily professional.

Having a virtual office bestows on your business greater integrity. You are able to maintain a professional image while gaining your customers’ trust.

Virtual Office & Mail in Spokane


When you check your postal mail, you have to be present in your business space. But if you happen to be out of town, you lose that important contact with your mail. Conversely, if you have an office you don’t need to be concerned about delays in checking your mail. Your virtual office enables you to continually have access to your mail from anywhere in the world.

You also don’t need to differentiate between important mail and junk mail. Fortunately, your virtual office provider handles this very time-consuming task for your business.

Option of a Virtual Office

This is a perfect solution if you are a small business, a sole proprietor, an LLC, or a corporation and you have a home-based business, but you desire a brick-and-mortar business. With a virtual office, you have the option of having a virtual business office, which will allow for enhanced SEO.  You will find that virtual offices are an affordable and practical solution when you are looking for a cheap way to boost your SEO performance for local search results.

With a virtual office, you also have the advantage of having a Google Business address.

Look to Burbity Workspaces for Virtual Offices to Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you want to establish your business online, Google will not recognize a P.O. Box as a legitimate business. So, if you are looking to rank well on Google, you need a brick-and-mortar address.

That is what Burbity Workspaces offers you, whether you are a small business owner, sole proprietor, or LLC. If you want to build your presence as a company, while also maintaining your privacy, a virtual office from Burbity Workspaces is a cost-effective solution.

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