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Coworking Pods in Spokane - Make your office space work for you!

In a digital age marked by a seismic shift in how we work – fueled by demands among workers and business executives for greater flexibility and more convenience -- coworking pods continue to experience a surge in popularity. We all enjoy the sense of community we gain in coworking spaces, in addition to increased productivity and creativity and the sense of community we experience. It can even provide a cost-effective alternative to expanding a central office.

But you may wonder how you can inject some personality and a unique aesthetic into what may be a rather sterile, plain, antiseptic coworking space. You don’t have to settle for gray and drab surroundings to reap a coworking pod’s many professional and social benefits.

Here, we will demonstrate the ways you can enliven your Spokane coworking pod so the aesthetics are as stimulating as the conversations in your networking encounters.

Be creative and decorate your coworking pod

1) Put Up Some Art

Bring from home or directly from an art gallery artwork that most reflects your taste and that you’d like to adorn your coworking space. It might be a beautiful sculpture, a mesmerizing painting, or a framed inspirational quote.

Whatever you choose, the artwork is the perfect way to make your coworking pod or office more personal and attractive but still look professional.

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Coworking pod area rug decor

2) Add in Area Rugs

Putting in an area rug is a practical way to make your coworking space appear more comfortable. It will even add some personality to the space.

A decorative area rug also creates a balance between a productive Spokane workspace and a welcoming environment. This is a fun way to give your coworking pod some energy.

Decorate with plants in your coworking space

4) Hang Paper Prints

You can make this a fun exercise as you bring some of your favorite prints and pin them on the wall. You can be creative by using twine and clothespins to hang the prints.

5) Bring in Lamps from Home

If you’d rather opt for warmer lighting than what your coworking pod offers, consider bringing in a stylish lamp from home. This is an especially helpful option if you aren’t close to a window to receive natural light. Bring a decorative lamp from home and brighten the décor at your coworking space.

This is an ideal way to provide extra light while also adding a personal flair to the space.

Office pod lamp decor

6) Add Unique Furniture

There are many choices here that you can select from that range from chairs, tables, cabinets, and sofas. From architectural chaise lounges, to leather executive chairs, to accent chairs, you are assured of finding the perfect furniture that reflects your personal style.

7) Color Code Office Supplies

Color can significantly affect your productivity level. For example, scientific research has revealed that blue colors affect the mind, while red affects the body, yellow the emotions, and green does the same to your balance. Combining these colors will considerably influence how productive you are at work.

The color purple will aid you in being creative. As a general rule, blue is thought to be the “most productive color.”

So why not use colors to your advantage as you color code your pencil holders, folders, and staplers, for example, to help you become more organized and have fun doing it?

Coworking Pod - Comfortable Furniture

Make Your Coworking Pod More Comfortable

Invest in a comfortable back or butt pillow. You could also have a throw blanket around so that you’re more comfortable all day long.

You might also consider purchasing an ergonomic chair. Think of features such as armrests and built-in lumbar support. You’ll want to keep your spine in a comfortable and healthy position. Keep in mind how many hours you spend in your office chair in your coworking pod. It’s worth it to splurge a bit to ensure that your chair is ultra comfortable and that you have the correct posture throughout the workday.

A soft area rug will do wonders to make your coworking space look comfortable. It offers a warm texture under your feet, and you can think of the area rug as a fun centerpiece for your coworking pod.

How about infusing the air with a relaxing aura by using scented candles in your coworking pod? Imagine the scent of cinnamon or jasmine filling the air. This would certainly make for a pleasant aroma as you meet with clients or enjoy productive conversations with other professionals.

These are just some practical ways to make your coworking pod or private office space more comfortable.

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