Rent an Office Space in Spokane

Rent Office Space in Spokane, WA

Your office space is a reflection of your business, and when your customers or clients visit your office, you want them to notice the professionalism that is on display.

Oftentimes, searching for the perfect office for your business can be a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. That is why renting office space in Spokane could be a fantastic option for your start-up, small business, your teams, or your organization, especially if you are interested in growing and increasing your market share.

Types of Rented Offices within a Coworking Space

Large and Small Private Offices

A private office space is a lockable space within a shared office facility that you can rent exclusively for your business. These offices offer a quiet and safe environment for you and your employees to work, while also allowing you to interact with the larger professional community when you choose to.

This is a cost-effective workspace solution as all you pay for is just the amount of space that you require for your company while enjoying access to shared conference rooms, Internet access, and other common areas.

Privacy is the biggest benefit of private offices. Your employees can accomplish their tasks or personal activities in their own space. This makes it ideal to handle delicate issues such as legal, human resources, and financial matters without drawing the attention of other employees.

Dedicated Desks at Sullivan - Coworking Offices - Spokane Valley

Coworking Office Spaces

Coworking spaces are the perfect solution for larger companies that wish to reduce their unused office space, move away from conventional headquarters, and adopt a more flexible way of working.

One major advantage of coworking spaces is networking, where you can meet people who work in similar fields and create relationships that could become very beneficial to your company.

Shared Office Space

When you rent a shared office space, you enjoy a sense of openness, with community and collaboration for your teams and employees. One practical benefit of renting a shared office space is flexibility. In the fast-paced and evolving worlds of start-ups and new businesses, teams are always changing and growing. As this happens, your company’s office space must accommodate these rapid changes and continual growth.

Your company also benefits from fully-serviced facilities with rented shared office space. Your employees and teams can take advantage of a variety of services and resources like Wi-Fi, conference rooms, mailboxes, locking file cabinets, maintenance, and telecommunications. With a shared office space, all of the necessities are taken care of so you can focus on doing exceptional and innovative work.

Shared Coworking Space - Burbity Workspaces - Spokane

Advantages of a Rented Office Space

Minimal Financial Burden

One chief advantage of renting an office space is it absolves you as the business owner of all financial responsibility with respect to paying for routine maintenance of the building. It is the landlord who is obligated to ensure that all office equipment they provide is in good working order and the premises are kept clean and secure.

Conveys a Professional Image

Renting an office space enables your start-up, small business, or teams to take advantage of a home base where they can conduct business while conveying a professional image to potential customers and clients. This is a much more productive alternative compared to noisy public places like coffee shops and restaurants.

Professional Working Space in Spokane

Preserve More Working Capital

By renting an office space, you are not saddled with expensive real estate costs. So, instead, you can focus on doing business. Your rented office space offers all of the essential resources and equipment that your start-up or small business requires, which frees you from having to make these costly purchases.

Your teams can take advantage of workspaces that come with technology, business support, and the necessary infrastructure so you can be more productive and gain a competitive edge for your business.  You are freed up to spend your hard-earned money in ways that meet the needs of your growing business instead of paying for the costs associated with maintenance and upkeep of the building.

Rent Office Space in Spokane with Burbity Workspaces

Are you tired of working alone and ready to meet some like-minded people?

At Burbity Workspaces, we offer offices, desks, and team suites so your business can thrive and reach its full potential. Take advantage of our convenient services and ample resources with our Spokane workspaces that also offer a community to support and help you succeed. Burbity Workspaces also has available fully furnished day and private offices.

Rent an office space from Burbity Workspaces today and watch your productivity soar.

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  1. I totally agree that by renting office space, your start-up, small business, or teams can benefit from having a base of operations where they can conduct business and present a polished image to potential clients and consumers. As you said, compared to crowded public spaces like coffee shops and restaurants, this is a considerably more productive option. I’ll surely have to relay this to my brother who manages a small team of startup techs. I’m sure an office rental property will make them operate more efficiently.

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