Find the Perfect Event Center for Your Special Celebration

Event Center for Your Special Celebration in Spokane, WA

Does your business or organization want to host a special celebration, such as a holiday party or company achievement commemoration?  What you do know is that you want this event to come off flawlessly and leave everyone happy they attended.

There are many moving parts to identifying the perfect event center for what you hope will be a memorable event. You need to think about various aspects such as catering, decorations, entertainment, parking, and amenities, to name a few.

Here are the primary elements to consider when choosing the perfect event center for your special celebration:

Proximity of Attendees

As you consider your special event and the ideal location for it, keep in mind who will be attending and determine what will be a convenient spot for everyone. Make sure that the venue you choose is near an airport and hotels if you have people coming from out of town.

If people locally will be attending, then be sure that the event center you select is adjacent to your business or the attendees’ homes.


As you narrow down your search for your special celebration site, a primary consideration is parking. For example, does the venue offer a parking lot or valet parking? If there is no parking lot, is there a parking garage that is available for the event center?

Assuming there is no available parking, but you otherwise prefer this particular venue, you could reserve a parking lot to use for this event. You could also consider using Uber or Lyft as they may provide event discounts.

You might even think about attendees doing car-sharing or taking cabs to the event center.

Event Center Parking

Facility Capacity

You will want to know the capacity of the prospective site for your special celebration. For example, 400 people attending this event could not fit comfortably into a 300-person capacity building.

When it comes to maximum occupancy for an event center, you also need to be aware of the fire and safety codes that the venue adheres to.


When it comes to any site for your special celebration, you need to factor in the availability of important amenities.

These amenities would include:

Kitchen: Does the event center offer a kitchen? Could it provide catering for your event?  If it can, you could inquire if they would be willing to forego the facility fee and just ask for a down payment, in addition to the cost of food for each person attending. You will want to confirm that the venue serves exceptional food or permits food being provided by outside food vendors so you can ensure an exceptional attendee experience.

Tables, Chairs, and Linens: Inquire if your potential event center provides tables, chairs, and linens, as this will save you a lot of money, if it does. Just make sure that these items aesthetically reflect your event theme and ambiance.

Set-up and Clean-Up Crews: Consider yourself fortunate and very appreciative if your site comes with set-up and clean-up services.  Know going into your event center search that not all venues will offer these amenities. If they are not provided, then perhaps you can come up with your own crew for these purposes or identify volunteers who are willing to serve at your special celebration.

AV Equipment: Depending on the type of celebration you are planning, audio-visual equipment might be crucial to have available for your special event. Does your prospective event center offer AV services? If not, you may have to provide that.

Perfect Event Center, Burbity Workspaces - Sullivan Valley Commons, Spokane Valley

Choosing the Perfect Event Center

Create a positive and memorable celebration for your attendees by going with Burbity Workspaces for your event center needs. At Burbity Workspaces, we provide the perfect event spaces – with ample services and plenty of amenities – that will leave everyone extremely impressed and having a great time at your special celebration.

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