Top Reasons to Join a Coworking Space

Top Reasons to Join a Coworking Space for your business

The hallmark of any successful business is optimized productivity. When your employees maximize their productivity levels at the office, your business is bound to realize a stronger bottom line.

One way to supercharge productivity is through coworking. Coworking is experiencing unprecedented growth for what it gives business owners – an ideal setting for workers to bolster their professional skills and improve productivity.

As telecommuting continues to gain in popularity – spurred by the Covid-19 pandemic - home is the work site of choice for growing numbers of employees demanding a healthier work-life balance and embracing the added convenience it provides.

But while workers may sometimes prefer performing their job functions from home, it does have some significant drawbacks, and distraction is high among them.

This is where coworking comes in. Coworking offers numerous benefits, and business owners are completely on board with coworking spaces because they offer a venue for their employees to be more focused on their work and more productive, absent the at-home distractions.

Coworking is growing in popularity in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. With nearly 6,200 spaces in 2022, coworking is quickly becoming the new normal for businesses of all sizes.

Your employees are likely to embrace coworking as the ideal workplace that gives them more autonomy and freedom to perform their job duties. Workers thrive in coworking spaces at a rate of 6 percent to 7 percent over traditional workspaces, according to a recent study.

Coworking gives business owners the perfect solution when hiring freelancers and contractors instead of increasing office expenditures to accommodate them.

Here we will share seven reasons why joining a coworking space makes sense -- and dollar cents, for your business.

Increase your business productivity by joining a coworking space

1) Greater Productivity

Although more workers like the convenience of working from home, it poses many drawbacks that interfere with productivity. Employees encounter distractions ranging from domestic chores, the needs of their kids, and other household demands.

But coworking spaces eliminate all these obstacles and give employees an answer for how to work outside the office but not lessen their productivity. Studies show that performing job duties at a coworking space actually increases productivity. Employees have the energy of other people around them, which heightens their concentration levels.

A coworking space motivates employees to maintain workflow and stay on task. Coworking brings with it optimal conditions that foster peak performance and creativity.

Increase networking opportunities in a coworking space

2) Increased Networking

Networking is a highly effective way to improve an employee’s professional skills and enhance their job performance. Coworking presents the perfect environment for exchanging information related to best practices with other business professionals.

One of the most appealing aspects of a coworking space is that it allows your employees to work beside a diverse group of professionals, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees representing various companies.

Networking at your coworking space might lead to finding new clients. By exchanging information with others about their employers, discussions could arise that make employees aware of prospective clients who need your products or services. This could benefit your company’s bottom line.

3) More Flexibility

If there is one element of work in the 21st century that predominates, it is job flexibility. With so many responsibilities that demand our time and attention – and with more and more tasks crammed into our daily schedules -- it pays to have employees enjoy maximum flexibility in their jobs.

Coworking spaces allow organizations to choose flexible working hours that can lead to heightened job performance. Leading companies are embracing job flexibility as their workers find it compatible with their busy lives.

With the advantage of coworking spaces, employees can select the most opportune times to work and be effective at their jobs without compromising their productivity because of personal obligations.

Coworking accommodates and promotes job flexibility.

Make Coworking Work For Your Business

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Join a coworking space for your business growth and success

4) Improved Job Skills

More and more employees are crediting coworking spaces for allowing them to improve their job performance. According to a survey, 69 percent of workers said that working at a coworking space enabled them to acquire new skills, and 68 percent reported that their existing professional skills improved after joining a coworking space.

Another reason workers can improve their job skills at coworking spaces is they are exposed to diverse ideas and valuable perspectives from other professionals.

Because coworking spaces often sponsor occasional community events, your employees are bound to acquire new skills from the many types of business professionals who attend these functions.

5) Reduced Business Expenses

When you utilize a coworking space, you forego the costly, budget-draining costs such as rent, furniture, and utilities. Coworking spaces typically offer services such as business mail, internet connectivity, printing services, and kitchen and bathroom services.

The coworking space option also enables you to avoid expensive leases. Your business could save a substantial amount of money in infrastructure, office equipment, and utility costs with coworking spaces.

Have client meetings in coworking conference rooms

6) Improved Business-Friendly Workspace

When you’re working at the office, there are potential drawbacks like contending with office politics, interruptions from coworkers, and overflow noise – especially if you work in a cubicle. When working from home, the distractions are almost endless, including keeping kids occupied, tending to household chores, etc.

But a coworking space eliminates all of these obstacles and offers business-friendly amenities such as conference rooms, unlimited free coffee, office equipment, and more. With this dedicated space away from the office or home, your employees can arrange things just as they like them in a way that promotes productivity and efficiency.

7) Improved Environment for Client Meetings

It is essential that you have a reliable, quiet space for client meetings that is immune from interruptions and is equipped with the appropriate technology. You also want to exude a professional image during your client meetings.

A coworking space lets you achieve these objectives while giving you the added benefit of choosing times and days for the use of coworking conference rooms that best fit your busy schedule.

Whether you are a small business, an entrepreneur, or a start-up, you’ll be able to host and meet with clients in a professional setting for substantially less cost than at a personnel office.

Coworking is the Clear Choice for Your Business

As outlined above, there are many reasons for your business to embrace coworking spaces.

For example, there is nothing better for worker effectiveness than working in a supportive and collaborative culture that a coworking space provides.

Employees are gravitating to coworking spaces for, among other things, an increase in job satisfaction. A striking 89 percent of coworkers report that they are happier since joining a coworking space.

Everyone from your employees, contractors, and freelancers will benefit from a coworking space, and you could very well experience a more robust bottom line.

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