How Coworking Became a Trend in the Business World

Coworking office spaces have become a trend in the business world.

The business world has rapidly evolved in the last few years. Some folks have happily returned to the office, while others remain tucked away working at home. However, another trend has gained popularity: coworking. Keep reading to learn all about coworking, why so many people love it, and why you might too!

So What is Coworking and Why is it Popular?

An innovative, modern approach to office spaces, coworking spaces offer a place for like-minded business professionals to come together and work independently while enjoying the benefits of a collaborative and community-oriented environment. Recently, coworking has been trending rapidly, not only in Spokane, but globally as well — and its popularity shows no signs of slowing.

Coworking is alluring because it offers the flexibility and freedom that high-performing professionals require. Further, it fosters creativity, allows for networking, and creates a sense of belonging. As the Millennial and Gen Z. workforce continues to embrace remote work and fight for a better work-life balance, coworking environments have emerged as a transformative solution to the ever-shifting needs of workers.

Coworking spaces globally have become a haven to freelancers, remote workers & entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to traditional office setups.

The History of Coworking Spaces:  From San Francisco to a Worldwide Phenomenon

Coworking may seem like a nascent concept, but its roots can be traced back over 30 years. In the 90s, Bay-area computer programmer Brad Neuberg sought to build a more fulfilling work experience that focused on autonomy and community. In 2005, Neuberg founded the “San Francisco Coworking Space” — the world’s first official coworking space — in order to create a supportive and collaborative environment for independent professionals to thrive.

In the post-COVID gig economy, coworking spaces quickly became a haven for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs seeking an alternative to traditional office setups. Coworking appeals to working professionals who need adaptability and freedom to work their best. As coworking spaces have evolved over the last 30 years, they have become more than just a workspace: they have become places of community that celebrate diversity, foster innovation, and embrace the power of genuine interaction.

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Coworking has been on trend for over 30 years & can helps freelancers and remote workers grow globally, save business costs & increase productivity.

Statistics that Show Why Coworking is Trending

Coworking has been on trend for over thirty years and these statistics show why it is here to stay.

1. Growing Globally:

The popularity of coworking spaces has been growing exponentially with professionals around the world — they’ve been growing 23% annually since 2010!

2. Tech Appeal:

Coworking environments are not industry specific, but one industry does seem to love them more than others. The tech industry is the largest user of coworking spaces internationally, making up 22% of the market.

3. Businesses Save Big:

Rather than renting a massive office space no one wants to go to, businesses can cut significant costs by offering a coworking option. Renting a coworking desk saves an average of 60% compared to traditional office spaces.

4. Things Get Done:

Coworking has been shown to increase both productivity and job satisfaction. A massive 89% of professionals are happier in coworking communities, and 84% report greater engagement and motivation with their work.

5. A Creative Hub:

Coworking offers ample networking and collaborative opportunities. 82% of workers report growth in their professional networks, which leads to new professional heights!

Employees & small business owners in Spokane love coworking spaces because of the flexibility, freedom & having a creative community available.

Why do employees and small business owners in Spokane love Coworking Spaces?

Employees and small business owners in Spokane have begun to take notice of the emerging coworking trend. These dynamic workspaces offer Spokane professionals exceptional freedom, community, and access to fine amenities. Here are a few things Spokane loves about coworking.

  • Flexibility and Freedom:

    In a world where our own priorities and needs are constantly shifting, the ability to control how, when, and where we work has never been more important. Whether a professional is an early bird or night owl, coworking spaces accommodate a wide range of working preferences. This empowers coworkers and business owners to get their work done with less stress and distraction

  • A Creative Community:

    While many folks have transitioned to work from home situations, coworking offers an alternative for those of us who still love the camaraderie of a shared workspace. Coworking spaces allow for like-minded individuals to come together in a spirit of collaboration, creativity, and support!

Networking events in the coworking community can offer amazing networking opportunities.
  • Networking is Aplenty:

    For those who love a great networking event, coworking offers truly amazing networking opportunities. From business to business relationships to connections with potential clients, collaborators, or mentors, coworking spaces allow for new adventures daily.

  • Access to the Finer Things:

    Since coworking spaces are designed to accommodate the needs of many different highly-driven people, they often cater to the wants and needs of high-performers. With modern amenities, state-of-the-art technology, and even built-in workout rooms, coworking spaces are built to keep driven people coming back.

Where Can I Find a Coworking Space in Spokane?

In the ever-shifting landscape of modern work, coworking has emerged as a dominant and transformative trend.  Coworking is also gaining massive popularity in the Lilac City! If you’re looking for a coworking space in Spokane, be sure to check out the benefits Burbity Workspaces has to offer you!

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