Coffee Shop vs Coworking Space – Which is Best?

Coffee Shop vs Coworking Space - Which is Best?

Spurred by shutdowns and limited access to offices because of the health risks posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, employees have been working remotely in huge numbers. Now, as we begin to emerge from the pandemic, scores of workers are still choosing to perform their job duties off-site.

As of 2022, more than a quarter of U.S. employees are working remotely. By 2025, there could be as much as nearly 40 percent of the nation’s workforce working from a remote location.

This trend of working away from the office is fueling the soaring popularity of coworking spaces. Coworking is one of the fastest-growing segments in numerous industries. As it stands now, coworking, also known as membership-based workspaces, appears to be “the future” of work in America.

Alongside coworking spaces, coffee shops are also a popular hangout for employees to get their work done. Even before the pandemic, coffee shops were where workers flocked to in droves to enjoy some java and peer into their laptops and work.

Let’s look at which option – coworking spaces or coffee shops – offer the best working environment for today’s busy professionals.

We will focus on three main areas that are integral to effectively working – productivity, privacy, and networking. This applies to all levels of business, from employees, and team leaders, all the way up to business owners. We’ll begin by exploring productivity.

Coffee Shops Productivity

Productivity — Coffee Shops

When you arrive to work at a local coffee shop, you are totally dependent on finding a WiFi connection and access to an electrical outlet. Once these matters are ironed out, you’re set up to work.

Then there is the ambient noise that will usually consist of chatter from nearby customers, coffee machines humming, and background music. When it comes to ambient noise, some are fine, but too much can be a hindrance. For example, a coffee shop that puts out 70 decibels of noise may be conducive to a pleasant environment. But 85 decibels could be a nuisance. Unfortunately, workers have no control over how loud it is at a coffee shop.

Some workers thrive in this busy setting. They find that they have an improved focus due to the constant background noise and absence of interruptions from coworkers. Many workers discover that a coffee shop offers just the right stimulation to be productive and even encourage creativity.

But for others, particularly workers who need to concentrate for long periods of time, this can pose a disadvantage when it comes to being productive. The hustle and bustle of a coffee shop can be a major distraction for many people to work and be productive.

Productivity in a Coworking Space

Productivity — Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are considered to be productivity destinations. Coworking spaces are comfortable and offer numerous outlets to plug in the tools you need for success, including computers, printers, and smartphone chargers.

When you opt for a coworking space for your work environment, you don’t have to worry about giving up your seat, as you might have to do at a coffee shop. You also won’t feel pressured to purchase food and beverages.

You will enjoy amenities at a coworking space, including high-speed internet, meeting rooms, conference rooms, free parking, etc. This all points to very few, if any, barriers to being productive.

Typically, coworking spaces are designed with productivity in mind. For example, you will find a wide array of private and collaborative workspaces to select from. This choice enables employees to exert control over their work environment when it comes to how much activity and noise they permit. As a result, workers are empowered at a coworking space to enhance their productivity.

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Coffee Shop - Privacy for meetings and working

Privacy — Coffee Shops

Privacy is essential for maximum efficiency. Whether it’s important calls with clients, handling sensitive documents, or conducting interviews for your company, privacy is paramount to the success of your business.

It is probably going to be challenging to find a quiet area at your local coffee shop. After all, coffee shops are a popular hub for socializing and not necessarily working.

It could be helpful to choose a specific time of day, perhaps mid-day, as opposed to mornings and evenings, to work at a café. If the coffee shop is big enough, you may be able to find a space that is sparsely populated.

Dedicated Working Space - Office Professional

Privacy — Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer a variety of dedicated and quiet workspaces. This makes a coworking space the perfect setting for privacy.

You can also take advantage of the scheduling flexibility provided by coworking spaces. For example, you may choose the days and times when it tends to be less populated to conduct business at the coworking space.

You will likely find plenty of privacy at a coworking space in the form of a conference room, or a meeting room, for example.

Networking Spaces

Networking — Coffee Shops

When you’re working at a coffee shop, you have plenty of opportunities to strike up a conversation with other customers or even the barista. An informal environment at a coffee shop can be the ideal setting to socialize and share stories with other patrons.

All it takes to successfully network at a coffee shop is some initiative.

Tips for maximizing networking at a coffee shop include the following:

  • Begin with small talk;
  • Have a goal in mind;
  • Connect with a person by asking rapport-building questions;
  • Know when to leave;

Networking — Coworking Space

Nowadays, coworking spaces have become a hub for creating connections.

A coworking space can be a great setting to foster professional relationships. There will be occasions when your company employees work alongside other professionals, even from within the same industry. This allows for the sharing of ideas and best practices that can serve to strengthen your organization.

With coworking, business professionals tend to be more relaxed than at the office. This makes it more natural to strike up conversations with others.

Engaging with other professionals in a coworking space is a great way to garner insights and tips for growing your company.

You’ll also find that coworking spaces provide a sense of community for many employees.

Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Between a Coworking Space and a Coffee Shop

  • What is your BUDGET?
  • What are your WORKING HOURS?
  • Are your MEETINGS normally online, in person, or a combination of both?
  • Would you want a QUIET WORKSPACE or some BACKGROUND NOISE?
  • Do you want to make NEW FRIENDS and NETWORK?

Is a coworking space preferred and right for you?

Coworking Space is the Preferred Option

Coworking spaces are highly effective for getting work done. They draw from all the best aspects of the new sharing culture.

Coworking spaces also give you the benefit of working alone or connecting with other like-minded business professionals. Research has shown that a cooperative work environment, like what is found at a coworking space, results in employees being more productive.

Although visiting the local coffee shop can be helpful on an as-needed basis, coworking spaces offer quietness, collaboration when desired, and an ideal place for networking. As is the case with Burbity Workspaces, with a coworking space, you enjoy access to first-rate tools and cutting-edge resources.

Ultimately, a coworking space provides the perfect working environment for highly productive and efficient business professionals.

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