The Appeal of the Hybrid Workplace

Professionals and business owners like the appeal of the hybrid workplace in Spokane, WA.

The last few years have seen a massive change in the way we work. While some people love remote work, other folks miss the appeal of onsite working. Luckily, for professionals and business owners who like to get out of the house, the era of the hybrid workplace is upon us. Keep reading as we explore the growing popularity of the hybrid workplace model, dive into its main advantages, and discuss the ever-lasting appeal of working onsite.

What is a Hybrid Workplace?

The hybrid workplace —often regarded as the future of the office — has gained a ton of traction across all industries. With flexibility and work-life balance at its core, this new way of working understands that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for business owners or professionals. A hybrid workplace combines elements of traditional in-person office work with elements of tech-enabled remote work. In theory, your favorite coffee shop could be a hybrid workplace if you have the right internet and tech accommodations, but places like Burbity Workspaces are popping up all around Spokane and beyond.

Business owners love the flexibility when working remotely.

The Perfect Blend of Onsite and Remote Working 

Business owners and remote workers alike love the workplace flexibility and customization hybrid work models allow. Here are a few of the things that make a place like Burbity Workspaces perfect for all kinds of professionals in Spokane:

  • Flexibility: With features like 24 hour access, customizable work spaces, and even onsite workout classes, hybrid workplaces allow hard-working professionals to work how and when they want.
  • Reduced Commute Time: Everyone knows how brutal the rush hour traffic can be both downtown and on I-90. A flexible schedule paired with an accessible location means you can avoid the traffic.
  • Enhanced Work-life Balance: The ability to customize work schedules means you can prioritize your life, which means you can focus on your work when you’re in the office.
  • Adaptability: With tons of tech features and modular spaces, people who work in hybrid workspaces are able to adapt to the ever shifting demands of professional life.

Looking for a Hybrid Workplace for your Business in Spokane WA?

Burbity Workspaces has a variety of offices, meeting rooms, and amenities.

Improve your business's productivity. Your Business can do more with hybrid workspaces.

Why do Business Owners in Spokane Love Hybrid Workspaces?

Employees and other professionals love the positive impacts hybrid working makes on their day-to-day life — but employers and business owners love how it affects their bottom line. Here are a few of the biggest reasons you want your employees to work in a shared office space!

  • Improved Productivity: Often, employees who work in communal workspaces find they are more productive when they have a comfortable work environment of their choosing.
  • Cost Savings: Owning or renting a building isn’t cheap these days. Having a shared workspace can help you save on rent, leases, and utilities!
  • Access to a Broader Talent Pool: It’s no secret that high-earners can be particular and many find great benefits to having a flexible workspace that allows them to work when they’re on their A-game.
  • Increased Talent Retention: Companies that offer hybrid work options are more likely to retain high-earning employees who value their personal time.
Companies are investing in communication technologies to adapt to hybrid working solutions.

3 Trends in Hybrid Working that Show It Isn’t Going Anywhere

Hybrid work arrangements are evolving rapidly to meet the changing needs of employees and employers alike. Companies across burgeoning industries like tech are adapting to these trends as quickly as possible. Here are a few examples:

  1. Results-Oriented Approach: Your bottom line is your bottom line. Rather than focusing on how many hours employees work or where, cutting edge companies are focusing on how effective their employees are. Part of this is giving employees a space to work remotely and another part is letting them work when they want to.
  2. Investing in Communication Technologies: With the rise of hybrid work models, companies are investing in new communication and collaboration tools in order to adapt. Plus, many of these tools allow employees to answer questions when they aren’t busy working — no more interruptions from the office gossip!
  3. Wellness and Mental Health Initiatives: Many communal workspaces like Burbity offer a variety of services that improve the wellbeing of employees. From unlimited coffee to educational opportunities, coworking spaces around the country are offering ways to improve the livelihood of their community members.
With a focus on connection, Spokane has the best hybrid workplaces for your business.

Why is Burbity the Best Hybrid Workplace in Spokane?

With a focus on connection, Burbity has all the appeal of the hybrid workplace and then some. With 3 unique locations — Sullivan Valley, Sprague, and Liberty Lake — Burbity Workspaces has something for everyone in your business. Here are a few amenities that simply cannot be beat:

  • Tons of work options: With absolute flexibility in mind, we offer everything from private, furnished offices to daily rentals. We even have “virtual offices” that can serve as a professional front for home-based businesses.
  • The newest tech: Technological costs for small businesses can be a major hindrance. That’s why we offer crazy fast fiber wifi, smart TVs & Whiteboards, and print/scan/copy stations!
  • Opportunities for growth: Not only do we offer training rooms and event spaces for you to host your own professional growth opportunities, we also regularly host our own for the Burbity community!

Are You Ready to Enter the Hybrid Workplace?

The hybrid workplace has emerged in recent years as a transformative model with a plethora of benefits for all professionals. By combining the advantages of working remotely and onsite, it offers an unparalleled flexibility that empowers professionals to manage their work-life balance effectively. If you or your business are ready to take a step into the future that is hybrid working, give us a call or email today!

Are You Looking For a Hybrid Workplace For Your Business Needs?

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