Party Planning: How to Create an Unforgettable Event

Your event will be an unforgettable success with party planning

Holding an event is a perfect opportunity to expose your brand to lots of your customers and qualified leads. The goals of your party planning will include growing brand awareness, generating sales leads, and rewarding loyalty. You’ll want to enable your audience to become active with your brand.

Ultimately, you want your event to have a big impact, not only to increase attendance but also to help attendees remain engaged with your business after the event. With new technologies available for hybrid and remote platforms, more opportunities than ever exist to engage and excite event attendees.

Let’s examine seven ways to plan for the perfect party at an event space in Spokane.

1) Define Your Objectives

When it comes to party planning, one of the first actions you’ll need to take is establishing objectives for your event. For example, will you be celebrating a milestone? If you want your event to be remembered, it’s essential to generate a buzz around it right from the start.

A primary objective of an unforgettable event is generating brand awareness. Do you want to promote an upcoming service? Sell a specific product? Whichever it might be, brainstorm a well-thought-out idea of what you’re attempting to get out of your event.

It’s in your best interest to identify ways that your brand will help your event attendees reach their goals. When you link what you’re promoting to a specific lifestyle, it enables consumers to feel more connected to your brand because they can see how it fits their needs.

These established objectives will allow you to curate a guest list. This event should be geared toward people you know will be interested in services or products your company is promoting. It will be helpful as you reach out to go digital with e-newsletters before the event. Don’t overdo it, however. For the day of the event, stick to a reminder message and an invite.

Remind your guests at your event about your business by focusing on your brand.

2) Focus on Your Brand

Leverage opportunities to remind your guests what your event is about. For example, affix your brand to items such as pens, paper, signage, and presentations.

You want to have a strong brand identity throughout your event in Spokane so attendees have a clear impression of the company that is sponsoring your event. When guests remember how much they enjoyed your event, they will also think of your brand positively.

This will become valuable if the purpose of your event is to market a new product. It also will build loyalty toward your brand.

3) Staff Your Event with Brand Ambassadors

This is especially important if you are planning for a larger event. Perhaps you’re relying on a casual workforce and hiring temporary event staff to assist in managing your operation. You will not want this staff striking up conversations with event attendees who are seeking more information on your latest products or services.

Make sure you designate knowledgeable staff members or trained brand ambassadors to talk with attendees. This might make the difference between future sales for your business and disinterested attendees who are motivated to search for your competitors.

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Using social media in your party planning can make your Spokane event a success.

4) Use Social Media

If you didn’t use social media for your event, it’s as if it didn’t even happen. You need the widespread publicity that social media offers. With social media, you can build a community around your brand by engaging with customers or guests and using these channels to promote your event.

As part of your themed party planning, post exclusive content that will make the event more enticing. You could use influencers to lend more grandeur to the occasion. Create more buzz around the event by encouraging guests to post on social media and use specific hashtags so you can keep track of their engagement. Ex. #BurbityEventsRule

If you have an international audience, you might want to live stream your event via social media so you can reach more people.

5) Give Out Brand Samples

Attendees at your event will be enthusiastic about your brand. So, you shouldn’t be inhibited about showing off your product. Give them what they’re looking for. If visitors have arrived at your event wanting to learn more about what your brand has to offer, don’t have them leave empty-handed.

Based on what is relevant to your brand, you might offer premium samples or interactive demonstrations.

Think about hospitality when party planning for your event.

6) Play Up Hospitality

Amidst your festive party planning, don’t overlook the need to emphasize hospitality. The main goal of hospitality is to give attendees a positive and memorable experience. Events typically incorporate all four areas of the hospitality industry:

  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Food and beverage
  • Lodging
  • Travel and Tourism

You could model exceptional hospitality for your event participants in various ways. For example, a personalized gift could be waiting in someone’s hotel room when they arrive. It could be something as simple as a warm welcome by an event official. Anything that can be done to let attendees know that they’re valued and cared for is essential to any event your business holds.

Party planning for your event also includes following up with your guests for feedback.

7) Follow Up

Use the follow-up as an opportunity to solicit feedback and find out what your attendees thought about your event. You could include a brief survey or ask guests to share their favorite moments. These insights will prove valuable for planning the next event.

Leverage their contact information to launch an email campaign, which is a powerful way to reach your audience and follow up after the event. You can take advantage of the buzz that usually happens shortly after an event and keep your guests engaged while the experience is still easy to recollect.

If you already have another event planned soon, this is the ideal time to inform attendees about it and encourage them to book now.

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