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When the idea to open a coworking location struck Ann and Steve Long in 2019, they knew they wanted to open the first one in Liberty Lake, WA. "We loved the vibe in Liberty Lake and wanted to serve the large population of remote workers, freelancers, and small businesses there." What they didn’t know back then, was just how many MORE remote workers there would be in the Inland Northwest just a couple of short years later. (or were they LONG years?)

Ann Long, Founder Burbity Workspaces

With companies allowing their employees to work remote, people are moving around the country closer to their friends or family members and have realized that they CAN have the balance of work and life they are craving.

However, the reality of working from home is not the best option for everyone, every day. There may be household distractions, insufficient broadband, or space constraints. But remote work doesn’t have to mean work from home. That’s where coworking comes into the picture. We provide a community where we can exchange ideas, have a good time, and build relationships.

We know how valuable strong networks are. Not only in business, but in our personal lives too! That’s one of the many benefits of working in a coworking space and we LOVE connecting people! So come into one of our spaces, take a tour, and let’s have a coffee and a chat.  We would love to get to know you!

Ann & Steve Long - Founders, Burbity Workspaces

Ann & Steve Long

Founders, Burbity Workspaces

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